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Buy 4-AcO DMT online. This tryptamine has many names which include 4-Acetoxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine,  4-Acetoxy-DMT, O-Acetylpsilocin, Psilacetin, and synthetic mushrooms. The hallucinogenic effects of 4-AcO-DMT originate from its activity as a partial agonist for the 5-HT2A receptor. However, the role of these interactions and how they result in the psychedelic experience is the subject of ongoing scientific investigation.

Why buy 4 AcO DMT online?

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What are the effects?

The effect of 4 Aco Dimethyltryptamine reports that O-acetyl psilocin lasts slightly longer, whilst others report that it lasts for a considerably shorter time. Many users report less body load and nausea compared with psilocin. Some users find that the visual effects produced by O-acetyl psilocin more closely resemble those produced by DMT than those produced by psilocin or psilocybin. These differences could be possible if psilocybin is psychoactive in itself and not merely as a prodrug. Despite this, there have been no controlled clinical studies to distinguish among the phenomenological effects of psilocybin, psilocin, and psilocybin.


A dose of O-acetyl psilocin is 8 mg – 30 mg. These are slightly lower than that of the free phenol, psilocin. Some report very strong effects with 15 mg. The duration of 4-acetyl psilocin is usually slightly longer than that of psilocin at about 4-7 hours.

Orally, if you want low trip intensity, 7.5-15mg is okay for such experiences. For a more common trip, you can take from 15-25mg of 4 AcO DMT. Lastly, for experienced users with high tolerance and a hard trip, 25-45mg

When inhaled, you can take 10-15mg for below-average users. For average users with common trips, we advise between 15-25mg and 25-50mg for very experienced users of the drug


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