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Golden Teacher has been given its name, because of the gold/brown color of the caps. The Teacher part can be explained by the fact that it grows very easily and is good for beginners. Golden Teacher shoots out flush after flush of medium-sized mushrooms, growing in large clusters. Potency wise it deserves a place in the higher regions. The Golden Teacher is a classic and will always remain so. Very rewarding and grows on most substrate recipes.

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Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom online. Golden Teachers are among the most ubiquitous of the so-called magic mushroom “strains.” “Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online”. They’ve been the most popular option among new and experienced growers alike for decades and remain a top choice to this day. “Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online”.

What is it about the Golden Teachers that makes this strain so popular? What’s the best way to grow this particular strain, and where can I find Golden Teacher spores? “Buy Golden Teacher Mushroom Online”.


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